Terra Excel Drones Moves to Fort Saskatchewan: Strengthening Regional AgTech Presence


[Fort Saskatchewan, August 22nd, 2023] — Terra Excel Drones, a prominent figure in the agricultural technology (AgTech) sector and an Authorized DJI Distributor, is excited to announce its relocation from Edmonton to Fort Saskatchewan. This shift underscores the company’s steadfast commitment to advancing AgTech, expanding Enterprise services, and bolstering its network of authorized resellers across Canada.

Known for pioneering precision agriculture solutions utilizing drone-based technologies, Terra Excel Drones is taking its place within the core of the agribusiness community in Fort Saskatchewan. The move enables closer collaborations with regional farmers, researchers, and stakeholders, marking a pivotal stride in the company’s journey to catalyze agricultural innovation.

Darryl Larson, Founder and CEO of Terra Excel Drones, expressed his enthusiasm: “Our move to Fort Saskatchewan reflects our dedication to advancing AgTech, enhancing Enterprise offerings, and driving sustainable farming forward. As an Authorized DJI Distributor, we’re thrilled to contribute our expertise and innovation.”

Terra Excel Drones is pleased to announce the official opening of its Fort Saskatchewan location at Suite 176, 11602 88 Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan, on September 5th, 2023. This milestone amplifies Terra Excel Drones’ mission to reshape the AgTech landscape, fortified by its status as an Authorized DJI Distributor.

About Terra Excel Drones:

Terra Excel Drones is a leading company in AgTech innovation, specializing in advanced drone-based solutions for precision agriculture. As an Authorized DJI Distributor, the company empowers farmers through actionable insights while promoting sustainable farming practices and heightened crop yields. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Darryl Larson, Terra Excel Drones shapes the AgTech landscape by extending services to Enterprise clients and amplifying its presence through a nationwide network of authorized resellers across Canada. This network empowers a diverse array of farmers and growers, offering access to advanced AgTech solutions to seamlessly adopt precision agriculture practices.

Website: www.terraexceldrones.com

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