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Our line of DJI Agriculture drones offer producers unmatched advantage with precision agriculture solutions. Manage your farm operations from a smartphone with DJI Smartfarm App and intelligent equipment from DJI providing crop protection and inspection, field mapping and spraying operation.

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I just purchased a DJI drone from a big box store last week and after sales service? Nada! As a beginner, after a minor crash, I called Terra Excel and was offered clear thoughtful answers to my questions even though I was not a previous customer. This owner's knowledge and willingness to assist a stranger is commendable and I am very appreciative. I recommend buying from locally OWNED, knowledgeable businesses willing to assist with avoiding beginner mistakes and manage after sales challenges!

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I started getting interested in drones over the past couple years as a method to supplement my existing inspection business. Being relatively new to drones I naturally had and still have a lot of questions from licensing, insurance, flight training, post data processing, etc.... All that being said I wanted to find a local vendor with the knowledge and experience to back their products. I spent some time phoning different vendors to gage their knowledge base and what level of support they may be able to offer. I narrowed my search to Terra Excel Drones. Darryl has been effective at providing me with clear consice information to all my questions. Also through his network he has put me in contact with training providers, insurance companies, and options for available post data processing software. To sum it up, I would highly recommend Terra Excel Drones to anyone looking to purchase a new drone or expand their existing fleet. I look forward to continued business in the future!

Active 7X7

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